About Us

Welcome to Synergie Advertising Agency

Synergie Advertising Agency is in profession of providing total solution for media and branding since ten years in all districts of Bihar & Jharkhand. Synergie is a progressive full service all round advertising agency providing comprehensive range of services to advertising and branding needs of its various Clients. Our agency has worked as a consulting agency for designing, media buying, planning for outdoor compaigns of local as well as comparte clients. We work for developing medias like uni-pole, bill board, hydraulic Mobile Van. Designer bus shelter. Station L.C.DT.Auto branding, hoarding and such type of advertisement.


  • Synergie Advertising Agency are in prossession of more than 1200 outdoor sites at strategic location of all over Bihar & Jharkhand.
  • Special position all in important places.
  • We have a special team fully trained and dedicated to spot location ideal for outdoor adertising.
  • Our agency exclusively works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year.
  • Which generates repeated exposure to our potential customers. With the new ideas and techniques and with the gathering of young, enthusiastic and energetic talentss.
  • We are always dedicated towords our work in order to serve our clients with a great smile on time.
  • Accrediatation

    Paper add

    News Paper Advertisement


    Hoarding, Wall Branding, Glow Shine

    Satellite Channels add

    Regional Electronics News Channel.


    Seminars, Press Conference, Dealer Meet, Annual Programme(School, Collage & Institute).

    FM Radio

    Mobile Van

    Auto Branding